Z20 rear motor

The heart of the drive system is the directly connected rear motor without a gearbox.

Max. Drehmoment 40 Nm, gemessen am Hinterrad
Max. Geschwindigkeit 25 km/h 250 W nominal, bis zu 700 W maximal
Max. Unterstützungsgrad 300 % unter Optimal-Bedingungen
Wirkungsgrad ca. 80 % bei 18-25 km/h
Gewicht 4 kg marktüblicher Mittelstand
Schiebehilfe 6 km/h einfach per Knopfdruck
Advantages of the neodrives Z20 rear motor

Your benefits

  • Versatile riding characteristics: Ideal for touring and trekking pedelecs, women's and city e-bikes, cool urban pedelecs and cargo bikes.
  • Quietness: Completely noiseless and vibration-free riding, since there is no gearbox installed in the rear motor.
  • Minimal maintenance: Long maintenance intervals for chain, pinion and gears.
  • Energy recovery: Recuperation makes even longer ranges possible, as energy is fed back into the battery when riding downhill.
  • Made in Germany: 93% of the starting materials are from German suppliers, 100% of development and final assembly take place at the Albstadt production site.
  • Thermal management: riding fun even uphill. The improved thermal stability of the neodrives system means that long uphill journeys are no problem at all.

The latest technologies 100% high-end technology

Components such as the speed or force sensor are safely integrated and protected inside the motor. The goal of the new development was to make it even more robust, more powerful and smoother.

Maschinenwicklung und überarbeitete Elektronik

Machine winding and redesigned electronics

The performance of the neodrives rear motor was once more increased and, at an efficiency level* of 85%, far exceeds that of competitors. This means even greater ranges!

* At the optimal operating point of 18–25 km/h.

Volle Kompatibilität und einfacher Aus- und Einbau des Motors

Full compatibility and easy removal and installation of the motor

The neodrives rear motor is compatible with all standard bicycle components. Effective immediately, also for 11-speed designs, stub axles and standard 6 V e-bike headlights. Long-term spare parts availability is assured.

Hochpräzise Sensorik zur Steuerung und Regelung

High-precision sensor technology for control and regulation

The patented force sensor of the neodrives rear motor responds extremely smoothly and ensures exceptionally well-balanced performance.

Processing and design

Processing and design

Slim motor connector, aluminium motor housing powder-coated with great care and finished with meticulous attention to detail. Functionally as well as optically this is an attractive enhancement for every pedelec!

93% of parts and components of the neodrives drive system are manufactured in Germany and the final assembly is done entirely in Albstadt. This allows us to offer our customers and partners reliable and high workmanship, durability and fast services due to short workshop times.

The rear motor in comparison

Comparison of neodrives rear motor and standard mid-drive motor


  • Soundless, no disturbing noises from a gearbox
  • Powerful response; smooth performance thanks to the large motor installed directly in the rear wheel
  • Very low wear of chain and shifter as the motor is installed in the rear wheel
  • Energy recovery when riding downhill reduces wear and tear on the brakes and recharges the battery
  • Extremely simple operation and compatibility with standard bicycle components – long-term availability of spare parts is assured


  • Usually, noticeable noises from the gearbox installed in the motor
  • Delayed response; in some cases, jerky engagement of motor due to indirect coupling of motor and rear wheel
  • Increased wear of chain and shifter due to motor position in the middle –
  • the motor "tugs" on the chain and shifter, making both more subject to wear
  • No recuperation possible
  • Use of drive-specific components frequently required, e.g. crank or chainring
E-bike brands with the neodrives system

City, trekking or cargo bike. Many bicycle manufacturers install drive systems from neodrives. Here you will find an overview of all brands.

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Neodrives Z20 Display


The LCD is the interface between the drive system and the cyclist. The Z20 system offers two LCD variants.