Z20 RS rear motor

The heart of the drive system is the directly connected rear motor without a gearbox.

Fast and independent

The Z20 RS offers powerful acceleration up to 45 km/h. Thanks to the support performance, you can easily reach 45 km/h and maintain speed without any problems. Especially in the S-Pedelec, the rear-wheel drive fully demonstrates its benefit's. It is quiet, vibration-free and also protects parts subject to wear.

Technical data

45 km/h

Power Rating (Peak)

500 W (1,200 W)

Operating voltage

48 Volt

Nominal Torque

12 Nm

Peak Torque

40 Nm

Cassette Hub

Conventional cassette, up to 11 speeds (Shimano MTB) and belt disk


Approx. 4 kg

E-bike brands with the neodrives system

City, trekking or cargo bike. Many bicycle manufacturers install drive systems from neodrives. Here you will find an overview of all brands.

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