Z20 RS battery

The new Z20 RS system is available in combination with the battery V8 with 48 Volt.

Integrated Battery

Battery V8 

Capacity of up to 652 Wh

Technical data
Typ of rechargeable battery



48 Volt

Nominal capacity

13,8 Ah

Energy content

652 Wh


Approx. 4,1 kg

For the Z20 RS neodrives decided to increase the usual voltage from 36 Volt to 48 Volt. This offers the technical benefit that an increased battery voltage ensures a lower battery current. The cells are thus less stressed and the range is improved.

The S-Pedelec drive system from neodrives contains the so-called battery V8. Due to its high capacity it delivers enough power for fast trips and long distances. Due to the attractive, integrated design, it fits seamlessly into the frame and is robust at the same time. The closure on the upper side provides extra support and an audible click into the frame. The proven battery quality, combined with the integrated neodrives battery management system, ensures high system stability.